The nautical sector already has its Protocol before Covid-19. May 6, 2020

The Secretary of State for Tourism has published the Guide of Measures for the reduction of contagion by Covid-19 for the “Nautical-sports facilities and nautical activities”, approved by the Ministry of Health and prepared by the Technical Committee constituted by the ICTE and in consensus with the main national associations of the nautical sector CEACNA, ANEN, AEGY and ANAVRE.

Its own protocol has been designed with the aim of guaranteeing as much as possible prevention and protection, both for workers who carry out their tasks in companies in the nautical sector and nautical sports facilities and for users of recreational boating. The guide includes common general measures, on safety distance, hygiene and cleaning, protective equipment for workers, as well as specific guidelines for each of the subsectors of the nautical sector.

With its dissemination, the nautical sector wants to make it easier for all recreational boating operators to adapt their processes for sanitizing facilities, protecting their workers and also offering users information and recommendations so that they can learn basic rules in advance behavior when they go to the facilities and boats.

For this, examples of informative material and recommended posters have been included in the document, for display in establishments and nautical facilities.

The protocol also includes recommendations for companies for renting boats, ships and floating and beach devices, schools of nautical sports and nautical activities, as well as establishments for the sale and commercialization of boats and their equipment.

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